That Bloke

A Rant About Hyphens

Hi, welcome to That Guy. This is a new blog and this is the first post, so I wanted to start off with a post that will set the scene for what kind of crap I'm gonna post here. With that, let's start with a rant. 😂

I fucking hate domain squatters.

Let me explain...

When I was on the hunt for a domain for this blog, I first started looking for a fake name to register, like `'. But I'm not Joe Stott and I didn't want to be seen to be impersonating the real Joe, if he exists (it seems he does).

So I wanted something generic that refers to an individual, and after playing around, I came up with That Bloke. Problem is, is registered and just serves a plain white page.

And it's a similar script for a load of other domains I tried - they're either listed as "premium" domains and are for sale for thousands of dollars, or some fucker is squatting on the domain in the hope that a chump like me comes along and tries to buy it from them.

It boils my blood. 😡

Anyway, I got bored of searching for domains, added a hyphen and moved on with my life. So is far from perfect, but fuck it. It'll have to do.

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