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Mouth Dildos

People that use mouth dildos annoy the shit out of me. Either commit and smoke a cigarette, or give it up.

I hate smoking. I think it's fucking disgusting and I don't understand why anyone would want to do it. I especially hate it when there's a gaggle of smokers huddled around the front door of a pub, tooting away on their fags. It's vile and I don't want my pink fluffy lungs affected by that shit.

But do you know what I hate more than smoking?

Mouth dildos.

What the fuck is a mouth dildo?

-- Everyone

This is a mouth dildo:

Mouth dildo idiot

Not only do you look ridiculous putting that stupid fucking contraption in your mouth, but the plumes of flavoured vapour that bellow from these things make you look even more like an utter cunt.

I don't want to be subjected to the cherry ice cream vapour pouring from your mouth dildos, seemingly by the bucket load. At least smokers are committing, knowing they're gonna kill themselves, have decided to enjoy it while they're here.

But you mouth dildo fuckers are the worst. We don't want to smell your stupid fucking vape. So put it away because you look (and smell) like a dick head.

Peace ✌🏻

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