That Bloke

Public Toilets Are Disgusting

So you’re in work, slaving away to “The Man” and all of a sudden you need a shit. You lock your computer and toddle off to the loo. 🚽

You head into a cubicle, lift the seat and the inside of the toilet is spattered with some dirty bastards diarrhoea.

Fucking great.

It’s the only cubicle free, so you drop your pants and settle in.

The toilet seat is still warm though. 🤢

Trainspotting toilet

Trying not to vomit from the bog of eternal stench, coupled with the fact that your ball sack is hovering 4” from someone else’s runny shit, some fucker let’s rip in the cubicle next to you and it sounds like the world is falling out of his arse.

It’s too much. You decide to hold my shit and do it at home instead…

If you’re ”That Guy” do us all a favour and clean the toilet after you plaster it with your crap.

Dirty fucker.

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