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Rwanda Bill - What the F**k Were You Thinking?

Jesus Christ. So I check the news this morning, only to find that those pricks over in Westminster have managed to the Rwanda Bill over the line.

Oi, Bloke, WTF is the Rwanda bill?

Great bloody question. There's all kinds of shit going around the Internet about it at the moment, but basically, the Rwanda Bill gives the UK government the power to fuck asylum seekers off to Rwanda and forget about them, never to return.

Once they're there, the asylum seeker then has to apply for asylum in Rwanda, but might get fucked off from there too. If the Rwandan government does reject these poor people, they have to go to a "safe third country" whatever the fuck that means.

I mean, Rwanda isn't exactly a safe country in itself.

So what Rishi and his merry band of nob heads are doing, is moving the problem of immigration to somewhere else. Great work, folks. Seriously, great fucking work.

As usual, the asylum seekers are getting fucked over when the irony is, they should be getting more help.

Poor fuckers.

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